Strategy and Governance

Strategy and Governance (S&G) is a European company with headquarters located in Luxembourg providing services in the governance area.

Recently, strategy activities have been added in order to guarantee that all components of the organisation are aligned to reach the goals toward competitors and economic environment.

All aspects of Governance can be implemented or audited by S&G using market frameworks, our approach of the strategy is derived from the Blue Ocean Strategy (from Kim and Mauborgne), providing a strong approach for value creation and retention.

Value is the heart of the vision that we share at S&G, especially by reviewing and aligning processes inside the organisation, and by implementing strong reporting for continual improvement, leading to elaborate a real value chain for the organisation.

At S&G, we strongly believe in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) activities for a better alignment, better services, new customers acquisition.

S&G offers to become a one-stop shop for delivering services or activities for its customers, including leadership, legal, marketing, sales, human resources and coaching.

The team is built of first-class international experts, certified in their respective domains and for aspects of compliance with legal aspects of Luxembourg with a deep knowledge of local regulation (Law on the Financial Sector) or European regulation such as MIFID.

This website is under construction and will be update very shortly, you can contact S&G by clicking the link below.